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Count Attendance and Absence with Google Sheets COUNTIF

In our campus life and work life, we usually record everyone’s attendance. Today we will introduce you the application of Google Sheets COUNTIF function to count the attendance. Using a week as an example, we use the following example to show you how to use Google Sheets COUNTIF function to count attendance. As shown above,… read more »

Calculate Average Of Last 5 Or N Values In Columns in Google Sheets

Suppose you come across a task where you need to calculate the average of the last 2 or 3 numeric values in google sheets, then what would you do? If you are new to google sheets, then your first attempt might be doing this task manually, which is an acceptable way but only when the… read more »

Calculating Average Of The Numbers in Google Sheets

Are you weary of investing a lot of time and effort in manually calculating the average of the numbers by including or excluding 0 and calculating the average of the top 3 scores? Then congratulations because you have just landed on the right article. In this article, you will get to know the smarter ways… read more »

Add Workdays in Google Sheets

To add or subtract workdays days from a date, respecting holidays but assuming a 7-day week: you can use the WORKDAY.INTL function with an argument that tells it how many days should be subtracted/added as well as which specific holidays to ignore. In our formula below C2 for this example: =WORKDAY.INTL(A2,B2,”0000000″,A7:A8) With this formula, you… read more »

Add Row Numbers And Skip Blanks in Google Sheets

Do you ever have to input a list of numbers into a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, and some of the cells are blank? It can be difficult to keep track of what number is in which cell when you have to scroll up and down the sheet to look for the right spot. Well, today,… read more »

Add Months To Date In Google Sheets

It is important to adjust time periods when performing financial modeling. In Google Sheets, you can use the MONTH function to add a specific number of months to a date. The MONTH function takes one argument: the number of months you want to add. Here will show you how to add months to date in… read more »

Add Minutes to Time in Google Sheets

Adding whole hours or decimal minutes to a given time in google sheets is a fairly simple process. You can do this by using the Start_time+TIME(0,minutes,0) and Start_time+minutes/1440 functions. In this add minutes to time guide, we will show you how to do this. Adding whole Minutes If you want to add whole minutes to… read more »

Add Hours to Time in Google Sheets

Adding whole hours or decimal hours to a given time in Google Sheets is a fairly simple process. You can do this by using the Start_time+TIME(hours,0,0) and Start_time+hours/24 functions. In this add hours to time guide, we will show you how to do this. Adding whole hours If you want to add whole hours to… read more »

Average Last N Values in Google Sheets

Average is a valuable function in google sheets that allows you to rapidly compute the average of the past N values in a column. However, you may need to insert new numbers beneath your original information from time to time, and you just want the average result to be updated automatically when new data is… read more »

Assigning Points based on Late Time in Google Sheets

It is shown in this lesson how to utilize the IF function in Excel to allocate points based on the amount of time that has passed. If you intend to pursue along this guide, you may do so by downloading the template spreadsheet. Generic formula: =IF(C2<VALUE(“0:2”),0,IF(C2<VALUE(“0:35”),1,IF(C2<VALUE(“0:45”),2,IF(C2<VALUE(“1:00”),3,IF(C2<VALUE(“3:00”),4,5))))) Return value This formula provides the number of points… read more »

Google Sheets Nexted IF Functions (Statements) Tutorial (15 IF Formulas examples)

This tutorial will guide you how to use nested Google Sheets IF function  (include multiple If statements in Google Sheets formula) with syntax and provide about 15 nested IF formula examples with the detailed explanation in Google Spreadsheets. Description The Google Sheets IF function perform a logical test to return one value if the condition… read more »

Calculate Interest Rate in Google Sheets

Financial choices play a critical role in the development and execution of corporate strategies and plans. In daily life, we also face a slew of financial choices. For instance, suppose you’re applying for a loan to purchase a new automobile. It will undoubtedly be beneficial to discover the actual interest rate you will be required… read more »