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How to Find the Earliest and Latest Date in Excel

We have a range of dates and we want to look up the earliest and the latest date based on certain criteria like the earliest date for a showing movie, we can use MIN and MAX functions with IF function or INDEX function together to find the matched date based on some criteria. Except using… read more »

How to Create Dynamic Drop Down List without Blank in Excel

This post will guide you how to create dynamic drop down list without blank cells in Microsoft Excel. In Excel, and you can use Data Validation feature to improve the efficiency of data entry in excel, and it also be used to reduce mistake and typing errors. And it is also be used to restrict… read more »

How to Get the Maximum or Minimum Absolute Value in Excel

It is easy to find the maximum or minimum value in a batch of data in excel, but if this batch of numbers contains both positive and negative numbers, the maximum or minimum absolute value cannot be found out by basic MAX or MIN function in excel. This article will help you to solve this… read more »

How to Check If value Is between Two Numbers in Excel

This post will guide you how to check if a cell value is between two numbers in Excel. How do I build an IF statement that test if a cell value is between two given values in formula in Excel. Check Value If It Is between Two Numbers Assuming that you have list of data… read more »