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Calculate Average Response Time Per Month In Microsoft Excel

Assume that you have been assigned a task of calculating the average response time per month in MS Excel, then; if you are new to MS Excel, doing this task manually might be your first attempt which would not only make you tired, but you won’t complete your work on time. But fortunately, there is… read more »

Average of Working Hours by Formula in Excel

Suppose you are going to count the average working hours of employees in the company based on different months. If a worksheet including working hours on different dates and months is prepared for you, do you know how can we calculate the average of working hours based on months? In this article, through explaining the… read more »

How to Sum by Month in Excel

If sum data by month in a table, we need to use a formula based on SUMIFS function. We can provide a set of conditions or criteria in SUMIFS function to sum data. To sum data by month, we need to add date range as criteria. Example: See below screenshot, if we want to sum… read more »