Split Text at Any Number

This post will guide you how to split a text string in one cell at any number with Microsoft word. How do I split text at any number with Text to Column function in excel. How do I split a text string mixed with numbers using find and replace function in excel.

Split Text at Any Number with Word

If you want to split text string in range of cells at any number, you can use the find and replace function to find the number and then add one specific character comma before the number in the text string in Microsoft word. Then you can use the Text to Column function to split the text string into the different columns based on comma characters. Just do the following steps:

#1 Copy the data that you want to split in excel, and then paste those data in the word.

split text at any number1

#2 select those data in word, go to HOME tab, click Replace command under Editing group in word. The Find and Replace dialog will appear.

split text at any 2

#3 type one regular matter ([0-9]{1,}) into the Find what text box, and then type ,\1 into the Replace with text box, click More button to expand the search options.

split text at any number3

#4 select the checkbox of the Use wildcards option in the Search Options, then click Replace All button.

split text at any number5

#5 click No button.

split text at any number4

#6 copy the new data in the word and then paste it into Excel again.

split text at any number6

#7 select the newly data in excel, and go to DATA tab, click Text to Columns command under Data Tools group. The Convert Text to Columns Wizard dialog will appear.

split text at any number7

#8 select Delimited option and click Next button.

split text at any number8

#9 select Comma delimiters, then click Finish command.

split text at any number9

#10 Lets see the result.

split text at any number10



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