Show Only Positive Values

This post will guide you how to show only positive values in an excel formula. How to show formula result only if it is a positive value in excel. Is there a way to have a formula return only positive numbers in excel.

Show Only Positive Values

Assuming that you have a list of data, and you want to sum the range of cells A1:C5 and if the summation result is greater than 0 or is a positive number, then display this result. Otherwise, display as a blank cell.

You can create a formula based on the IF function, and the SUM function to sum all values in the range A1:C5 and just show only positive values. Like this:

=IF(SUM(A1:C1)<0, "",SUM(A1:C1))

Type this formula into the formula box of the cell D1, then drag AutoFill Handler over other cells to apply this formula.

show only positve values1

You will see that the returned results of this formula only show positive values.

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