Set Cell Size in Cm (centimeters)

This post will guide you how to set cell sizes in cm by default. How do I set row height in cm in Excel. How to set column width in cm in Excel. How do I set column width or row height to inches or millimeters in Excel 2013/2016.

Set Cell Size in Cm

If you want to change the row height or column width to centimeters by default. You can do the following steps:

#1 click FILE tab, click Options menu from the popup menu list. And the Excel Options window will open.

set cell size in cm1

#2 click Advanced tab in the left section of Excel Options window, move to the Display section in the right of window.

set cell size in cm2

#3 set the Rule units as Centimeters under Display section. Click Ok button to confirm the setting.

set cell size in cm3

#4 go to VIEW tab, click Page Layout command under Workbook Views group.

set cell size in cm7

#5 select one column or row and right click on it, select Column Width from the popup menu list. The Column Width dialog will open.

set cell size in cm4

The Column width has been changed to centimeters in your current workbook.

set cell size in cm5

Set Cell Size in Inches or Millimeters

If you want to set the Column width or Row Height to inches or millimeters, just following the above steps, and set Rule units to the Inches or Millimeters value under Display section.

set cell size in cm6