Service Invoice Template In MS Excel

This service invoice template for excel will calculate line item totals, sales tax, and allow you to input Salesperson name , job description, Payment Terms and Due Date for this invoice. And it is very easy to customize and use. And you can download it freely to use it in your business.

Service Invoice Template for excel

Service Invoice Template Description

 Subtotal: This excel service invoice template will calculate all Line Total amount automatically in Cell E26, and it call one SUM function in this excel cell formula: =IFERROR(IF(SUM(E16:E25)>0,SUM(E16:E25),””), “”)

Sales Tax: the default TaxRate is 9.50% in this invoice template, you can change the value of TaxRate in the Cell D27.  If you do not want to calculate the Sales Tax, just leave “TaxRate” as blank

Salesperson: enter sales person name in cell B13

Job: enter job description in Cell C13

Payment Terms: enter payment terms in cell D13

TOTAL:  The Total Amount will be calculated automatically in Cell E28 using excel Formula: =IFERROR(IF(SUM(Invoice[[#Totals],[Line Total]])>0,SUM(Invoice[[#Totals],[Line Total]],E27),””), “”)

You need to enter into your company information in the left upper of the invoice template. Such like: company logo, company name, address, phone…

You still need to enter your invoice number and customer ID and the company information of your customer.

Service invoice Template Download

You can click the below download button to get this service invoice template for free.





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