Repeat Cell Value N times in Excel

This post will guide you how to repeat cell value N times in Excel. How do I copy cell value N times in Excel.

Repeat Cell Value N times

Assuming that you have a list of data that contain two column and one column is cell value that you want to repeat, and another column contain N number. To repeat cell value N times in Excel, just do the following steps:

#1 Insert a column to the left of A, so your current A and B columns are now B and C.

repeat cell value n times1

#2 Put 1 in A1

repeat cell value n times2

#3 Put =A1+C1 in A2 and drag the AutoFill Handle down to Cell A5.

repeat cell value n times3

#4 Put an empty string in B5, by just entering a single quote (‘) in the cell

repeat cell value n times4

#5 Put a number 1 in E1, a number 2 in E2, and copy down as to get 1, 2, …, 14

repeat cell value n times5

#6 Type the following formula based on the VLOOKUP function into the formula box of cell F1 and then drag the AutoFill Handle over other cells to apply this formula.


repeat cell value n times6

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