Remove Apostrophe or Text Indicator

This post will guide you how to remove the apostrophe (‘) from the text values in your worksheet in excel. How do I remove text indicator from a text string in a cell in excel. How to use an excel formula to remove text indicator quickly. How to remove leading Apostrophe from a text value in a cell.

1. Remove Apostrophe with Excel Formula

If you want to remove the text indicator (‘) or the leading Apostrophe from a text string in one cell, you can create a formula based on the VALUE function.Just like this:


You just need to type this formula into the formula box of the cell C1, then press Enter key in your keyboard. And drag the AutoFill Handler over other cells to apply this formula.

Let’s see the result:

remove text indicator1

2. Remove Apostrophe with Text to Columns Function

You can also use the Text to Columns function to remove the text indicator from text values in one cell, just do the following steps:

Step1: select the cells that you want to remove the Apostrophe or text indicator, such as: B1:B3

Step2: go to DATA tab, click Text to Columns command under Data Tools group. And the Convert Text to Columns Wizard dialog will appear.

remove text indicator2

Step3: select the Delimited radio button, and then click Finish button.

remove text indicator3

Step4: you will see the text indicators have been removed.

remove text indicator4

3. Video: Remove Apostrophe or Text Indicator in excel

This video will demonstrate how to remove apostrophes or text indicators in Excel using either a formula or the text-to-columns feature.

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