Rank values in a column based a specific value in another column

This post will guide you how to rank values in a column based on a specific value in another column in excel. How do I rank values in a range by a specific value in another column in excel.

Rank Values Based on a Specific Value

Assuming that you have a list of data contains two columns and the first column is product list and another is Sales number. You want to rank the sales number of a specified product name, and you are not able to use the RANK function, because this function is only used to rank a value in a range. So how to achieve it.

You can try to write a complex formula based on the IF function and the COUNTIFS function to achieve the result.

For example, you want to rank values in range B2:B6 based on a specified value “excel” in the range A2:A6, then you can use the following formula:


Type this formula in another blank cell and then press Enter key in your keyboard, and drag the AutoFill Handler over other cells to apply this formula.

rank values1

You will see that the values in the range B2:B5 based on the “excel” in column A have been ranked.

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