Insert Watermark

This post will guide you how to insert a watermark into your current worksheet in Excel. How do I add watermarks to Excel Spreadsheets. How to remove watermark in Excel.

Add a Watermark

Microsoft Excel does not come with a built-in watermark button, so you cannot insert a watermark directly. But you can use an image to create a watermark in your current worksheet. Just do the following steps:

#1 Firstly, you need to create a watermark image with WordArt. Go to INSERT tab, click Insert Wordart command under Text group, and select one style of wordart.

insert watermark1

#2 type the text that you want to use for the watermark.

insert watermark2

#3 double click on the wrodart image to select it, and right click on it, and select Copy from the popup menu list.

insert watermark3

#4 open Paint program and press Ctrl +V to paste it, and save as an image file.

 #5 go to INSERT tab, click Header & Footer command under Text group. And your worksheet switches to the Page Layout view and the HEADER & FOOTER  TOOLS tab appears in Ribbon.

insert watermark4

#6 click Picture command to open the Insert Pictures dialog box. Insert picture from a file that you have created in step 4.

insert watermark5

#7 click any cell out of the header box, the watermark will be added to that page automatically.

insert watermark6

Note: when you click another page in your worksheet, the watermark also will be added automatically.


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