Insert Countdown Timer

This post will guide you how to create a countdown timer in an Excel Worksheet. How do I insert a countdown timer in Excel. How to create a countdown timer clock in Excel.

Create Countdown Timer

Assuming that you want to create a countdown timer until 2020/1/1 in Excel, you can do the following steps:

#1 type the specified date in Cell A1

#2 type the following formula to get the current date in Cell B1, and press Enter key.


insert countdown timer1

#3 type the following formula into a blank cell and press Enter key, and then copy it across to the two cells to the right.


insert countdown timer2

#4 select the cell below the Years Cell, and right click on it, select the Format Cells, the Format Cells dialog will open.

insert countdown timer3

#5 Select Custom in Category list box under Number tab, and type  “y” type in type text box to show years. Click OK button.

insert countdown timer4

#6 repeat step 4-5 to format the cells to show the months and days. Set type as “m” for Months, and set type as “d” for days.

#7 the countdown timer has been created in range of cells D2:F2.

insert countdown timer5

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