Insert Accented Letters

This post explains that how to get letters with accent marks in Excel. How do I insert accented letters while you do not have any specialized keyboards, letters with accent marks.

To insert accent mark characters in Excel, you can do the following steps:

#1 open your Microsoft worksheet

#2 go to INSERT tab, and select Symbol command under Symbols group to select the character that you want.

insert accented letters1

#3 select the desired accented mark character, then click Insert button.

insert accented letters2

You can also use a quick and easy method to insert accented letters by using a few shortcuts in Excel. Just need to press the “Alt” +”Ctrl” keys and then pressing the letter on the keyboard that you want to insert. Or press “Alt” key and typing a number code on the numeric keyboard

á Ctrl+Alt+a Á Ctrl+Alt+A
é Ctrl+Alt+e É Ctrl+Alt+E
í Ctrl+Alt+i Í Ctrl+Alt+I
ó Ctrl+Alt+o Ó Ctrl+Alt+O
ú Ctrl+Alt+u Ú Ctrl+Alt+U
à Alt+0224 À Alt+0192
è Alt+0232 È Alt+0200
ì Alt+0236 Ì Alt+0204
ò Alt+0242 Ò Alt+0210
ù Alt+0249 Ù Alt+0217
â Alt+0226 Â Alt+0194
ê Alt+0234 Ë Alt+0203
î Alt+0238 Î Alt+0206
ô Alt+0244 Ô Alt+0212
û Alt+0251 Û Alt+0219