How to Save Table as Image

This post will guide you how to save an excel worksheet or table as an image file in excel. How do I convert a table or worksheet to a JPG, PNG or other format’s image file in excel.

 Save Table as Image

There is a quick way to convert a table in your current worksheet as an image file, you can use the Print Screen feature in your window system. The Print Screen function will capture the current window that contains the table or worksheet, and it will be saved in the clipboard, you can open the Paint program and paste it, then you can make some crop operation. Just do the following steps:

#1 Press Zoom button so that all data in the worksheet is visible.  Or just select the table and press Ctrl +C to copy it.

#2 click start menu in your window system to launch the paint program, and press Ctrl +V to paste the table in your clipboard

#3 go to HOME tab in your Paint program, click Crop button to crop the current image as you need.

#4 click Save As to save the current image file, then type the image name and choose one of the following image formats: PNG, GIF, or JPEG. Click Save button.


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