How to Round the Calculated Average result in Excel

Sometimes we need to round the average depends on the specific requirements of your analysis or reporting. For example, keeping only the whole number or keeping two decimal places.

This post will guide you how to use average and round functions at the same time to average a given range, and then round off the last result in Excel. How to use Round function to round the calculated average values with a formula in Excel.

Assuming that you have a list of data in range B1:B6 in which contain numeric values. And you can easily to calculate the average value with AVERAGE function. And the average value may contain two or more decimal places. And you want to round off this number to the specified number of decimal places. How to do it. You can use another function called ROUND. This post will show you tow methods to accomplish the result.

1. Round the Calculated Average result with Decimal Command

To round the calculated average value for your data, you can use increase or decrease decimal command with the following steps:

Step1: select the range that to be averaged. Such as: B1:B6.

Step2: type the following formula based on the AVERAGE function to calculate the average value for the given range of cells:


Type this formula into a blank cell and press Enter key on your keyboard. You would see that the average value has been calculated.

round average function3

Step3: select the calculated average value and go to Home tab, and click Increase decimal button or decrease decimal button under Number group.

round average function2
round average function1

2. Round the Calculated Average result with a Formula

You can also use a formula based on the ROUND function and AVERAGE function to accomplish the same result of rounding the calculated average result in Excel. Like the following formula:


Note: if you want to round off to the specified number of decimal places as you need, you just need to change the number 2 as you want.

round average function4

3. Video: Round the Calculated Average result

This video will guide you through two methods of rounding calculated averages in Excel.

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