How to Remove Quotes for Text or Strings in Excel

When we importing data from other source into Excel we may import quotes or quotations from initial file. And we want to remove these quotes from current file, if we remove them one by one it needs a lot of work, so we try to find a simple way to remove all of them by one time. This article will show you two ways of removing quotes, by SUBSITITUTE function or Replace function in tool bar, you can select one you like to implement.

We prepare a table with two data. They have quotes embedded.

How to Remove Quotes 1

Remove Quotes by SUBSITITUTE Function

We may already have learned about SUBSITITUTE function in previous article. It can be used for replacing specific strings by others.

Step 1: In another Column B->B2, enter =SUBSTITUTE(A1,””””,” “).

How to Remove Quotes 2

In this case we want remove quotes so we can just replace quotes with space. So enter “” as old text, and leave a space as new text.

Step 2: Click Enter, then we can find the quotes are removed.

How to Remove Quotes 3

Step 3: Copy B2 to B3. Now we remove all quotes now.

How to Remove Quotes 4

Step 4: If we only want to remove the second quote, we can add a new parameter into the formula, enter =SUBSTITUTE(A1,””””,” “,2). Then in texts only the second quote is removed.

How to Remove Quotes 5

Remove Quotes by Replace Function in Tool Bar

This way is much easier to learn for the users that are not familiar with SUBSITITUTE function in Excel.

Step 1: Click on Edit->Find->Replace in tool bar. You can also directly enter Ctrl+H simultaneously on keyboard to load Replace window.

How to Remove Quotes 6

Step 2: In Replace window, enter quote in Find what field, and enter space (just click space on keyboard) in Replace with field.

How to Remove Quotes 7

Step 3: Click Replace All button to replace all quotes. All quotes are removed.

How to Remove Quotes 8

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