How to Insert Picture as Background in Excel

Sometimes we need to insert a picture for worksheet background in excel per some requests. This article will show you the method to insert picture as background image and we will also show you the method of delete background image.

Method: Insert Picture as Background

Insert a picture into worksheet is very easy, just click Insert->Illustrations->Picture, then you can select a picture from different paths in your computer.

Insert Picture as Background 1

But if we want to set image or picture as worksheet background, we may do more operations.

Step 1: Click Page Layout in ribbon, then click Background in Page Setup group.

Insert Picture as Background 2

Step 2: There are three ways to select pictures. Select one path to choose your picture.

Insert Picture as Background 3

Step 3: If you pick up a picture from your computer, just click Browse next to ‘From a file’, then your picture stage will be loaded.

Insert Picture as Background 4

Step 4: Choose a picture. You will find Open button is changed to Insert button after choosing picture. Click Insert to insert selected picture.

Insert Picture as Background 5

Step 5: Verify that this picture is displayed for worksheet background.

Insert Picture as Background 6


You can also insert picture for background via the other two ways. Make sure that website is connected properly if you choose picture from Bing Image Search or OneDrive.

Method: Delete Background Picture

Just click on Page Layout->Delete Background, then background picture is deleted.

Insert Picture as Background 7


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