How to group or ungroup sheets in Excel


This post will guide you how to group or ungroup worksheets in your current workbook in excel.

If you want to update one worksheet, then let excel to automatically update others selected worksheets. And there is a useful way to group all of worksheets that you want to update quickly. One of the prerequisites for this method is that the selected worksheet should be have the same structure.

Assuming that you have a large number of worksheets in your workbook, and if you want to perform any operations on only one worksheet, then the other selected worksheets is able to perform the same action at the same time, you need to group these worksheets.

Grouping worksheets

If you want to group multiple worksheets in a workbook, you can follow the below steps:

1# select one worksheet

2# press Ctrl key to select others worksheets that you want to group

group worksheet11

3# if you want to group consecutive worksheets, you need to click the first sheet tab that you want to group, and then press and hold down Shift key, then click the last tab of the sheet you want in the group. So all the worksheets between the first and last tab will be grouped.

group worksheet1

You will see that all the grouped worksheets tabs will turn into white color and the indicator [Group] will appear in the title bar after the name of workbook. It indicated that these selected worksheets have been grouped. And you can perform one operation in sheet1, then the same action will be replicated in each sheet in the same group.

Grouping all the worksheets in a workbook

If you want to group all the sheets in an active workbook, you can following the below two steps:

1# select one any sheet, then right click on it

2# click “Select All Sheets” from the pop-up menu list.

 group worksheet2

Ungroup worksheets

If you want to ungroup worksheets, you can follow the below two ways:

Method 1: select one worksheet, right click to grouping worksheet. Then choose Ungroup sheets menu.

ungroup worksheet3

Method 2: clicking on any worksheet tab in the grouping worksheet.



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