How to Copy Every Other Cell in Excel

This post will guide you how to copy every other cell from a column or range in Excel. How do I highlight every other cell with AutoFill Handle in Excel. How to copy every other cell with Filter command in Excel.

Copy Every Other Cell with AutoFill Handle

Assuming you have a list of data in range A1:B5 and you want to copy cells from every other row in Excel. How to achieve it. You can use the Fill Handle function to achieve the result of copying every other cell. Just do the following steps:

 #1 Type the formula =A1 in a blank cell in another new column, such as: C1. And then press Enter key.

 copy every other cell1

#2 select cell C1, drag the AutoFill Handle over to Cell D1.

 copy every other cell2

#3 select the range C1:D2, and drag the AutoFill Handle over to the Cell D5.

copy every other cell3

copy every other cell4

Note: if you only want to copy every other cell in Column A, you just need to select range of cells C1:C2, then drag the AutoFill Handle over to other cells as you need.

copy every other cell5

You will see that you have copied every other cells in column C.

Copy Every Other Cell with Filter Command

You can also use the filter command to copy every other cells from range A1:B5. And you need to create a helper column, such as: Column C. See the below steps:

#1 Type the number 0 in Cell C1, and type the number 1 in Cell C2.

#2 select the C1 and C2, drag the Fill Handle to Cell C5. Then click AutoFill Options icon, select Copy Cells from the popup menu list.

copy every other cell6

copy every other cell7

#3 select column C, go to DATA tab, click Filter command under Sort & Filter group.

copy every other cell9

#4 click Arrow button in Cell C1, and uncheck Select All checkbox, and check the number 0 option. Then All cells that contain number 1 will be filtered out. Click Ok button.

copy every other cell10

#5 then you can select all Cells in column A and press Ctrl + c to copy those cells.

copy every other cell11

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