Highlight the Dates if its over a year

This post will guide you how to highlight the dates that are over 1 year in excel. How do I highlight the dates over a year old using conditional formatting feature in excel. How to use conditional formatting to highlight if the dates are over a year in excel. How to highlight cells color when the date is over a year old in excel.

Highlight the Date that Are over 1 year

Assuming that you have a list of date in the range of cells B1:B5, and you would like to make it easy to determine all dates which are older than 1 year, then highlight it. You can use the Conditional formatting feature to highlight the dates over a year old, just do the following steps:

#1 select the range of cells that contain the dates

highlight dates if its over year1

#2 go to HOME tab, click Conditional Formatting command under Styles group, then select the New Rule… from the drop-down menu list. The New Formatting Rule dialog will appear.

highlight dates if its over year2

#3 select Use a formula to determine which cells to format in the Select a Rule type list, and type the following formula =B1<=TODAY()-365 into the textbox of the Format values where this formula is true.

highlight dates if its over year3

#4 click Format button, the Format Cells dialog will appear.

#5 switch Fill tab, select one color that you want to highlight the dates. Click OK button.

highlight dates if its over year4

#6 let’s see the result:

highlight dates if its over year5

You will see that all the dates over a year have been highlighted with a specified color in the range of cells B1:B5.

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