Generate Random Passwords

This post will teach you how to quickly generate a random password with Formula in Excel. You can combine a series of worksheet functions to create a complex formula to generate a random password in Microsoft Excel.

Generate Random Password

Normally, a secure password should have 8 characters at least and contain a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and one specific character. To generate a Random and secure password in Excel, you can use a combination of the CHAR function, the RANDBETWEEN function and concatenation operator to build a new Excel formula. Just refer to the following formula.


Select one cell that you want to generate the random password, then enter this formula in that Cell, and press Enter key to apply this formula. You will see that it will generate an eight characters password.

generate random passwords1

If you want to generate a random password only contain alpha characters (random uppercase letter string), you can use the following formula:


generate random passwords2   

If you want only to generate a random lowercase letter string, you can use the below formula:


generate random passwords3

If you want to generate a random password only contain 6-digit numeric characters, you can use the following formula:


generate random passwords4

If you want to generate a random symbol string, just use the following formula:


generate random passwords5

This formula will randomly generate one of the following specific characters: !”#$%&'()*+,-./


We talked that the CHAR function will generate lots of specific characters, and if you just want to create a password that can be type on the keyboard, so you should keep the specific character simple and avoid to use characters like ¶, Œ, or ©.

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