Filter Data between Two Dates

This post will guide you how to filter a set of dates between two dates in Excel. How to filter data between two specific dates in Excel. How to filter between two dates with Filter Feature in Excel.

Filter Data between two Dates

If you want to filter data between two given dates in Excel, you can use the Filter feature in Excel.

For example, you have a list of data in a range A1:B5 that contain member name and its birthday, and you want to filter data that the member’s birthday falls between two specific dates in D1:D2. Just do the following steps:

#1 select Date column, and then go to DATA tab, click Filter command under Sort & Filter group.

filter data between two dates1

#2 click the Arrow button on the Date column, then click Date Filters menu from the popup menu list. And select Between item in the another popup list. The Custom AutoFilter dialog will open.

filter data between two dates2

#3 type the start date in the upper text box, and type the end date in another text box. And then click OK button.

filter data between two dates3

#4 let’s see the result.

filter data between two dates4

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