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How do I encrypt an excel file in excel 2013? How to encrypt excel workbook? How to encrypt an excel file with a password in Microsoft excel? This post will guide you how to encrypt excel file, protect workbook and protect worksheet in excel.

Encrypt excel file

There are three kinds of encrypt way in excel as below:

  • Password to open
  • Password to modify
  • Read-only recommended

Password to open”, it means that while you opening a workbook, you need to input a password.

Password to modify”, it means that if you want to modify the workbook, then you must input a password, or you just only can read it.

Read-only recommended”, it means that you can read-only the excel workbook if you do not know the password.

Let’s see the below steps to encrypt excel file:

1# open an existing workbook or create a workbook

2# click “File” Tab, then click “Save As

excel protect save as

3# click “Tools” button, then click “General Options…”, the “General Options” window will appear.

excel protect general options

4# enter a password in “password to open” or “password to modify” box.

excel open password

5# Reenter password to proceed. Click “ok” button, then click “save” button

excel confirm password

6# try to reopen the above excel workbook, then you need to type password so that it can continue to open.

excel protect reopen workbook

7# if you want to make your workbook with read-only, just checked “Read-only recommended” option in “general options”.

excel read only recommended

8# re-open excel file, one window will be pop up.

excel read only workbook

Protect workbook

The below steps will explain that how to protect the workbook structure and window in excel:

Protect structure-user is not able to do the following operation for the current workbook: Insert, Delete, Rename, Move or Copy, Hide, Unhide and set tab color.

Protect window-this option is only available in excel 2010 and earlier. If you checked “windows” option, the users is not able to moving, resizing or closing the current workbook window. And the protect windows option is unavailable in excel 2013 and later versions.

1# open a workbook or create a new workbook

2# On “REVIEW” Tab, click “Protect Workbook” on “Changes” group.

excel protect workbook structure

3# Enter a password in the Password box.

4# Retype the password to confirm it.

5# if you want to unprotect workbook, just click “protect workbook” again, then enter the password.

excel unprotect workbook

Protect worksheet

If you want to protect a worksheet to prevent users from changing, moving, or deleting data in a worksheet, you can lock the cells on your current excel worksheet and also you can protect the worksheet with a password. The below steps will explain that how to protect the worksheet:

1# on “REVIEW” tab, click “Protect Sheet”, then “protect sheet” window will appear.

excel protect worksheet

2# Reeter password to proceed.

excel confirm password

3# now try to modify worksheet data, and let’s see the result:

excel protect worksheet result

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