Data Validation for Specified Text only

If you want to check if the values that contain a specified text string in one cell, you can use a combination of the FIND function and ISNUMBER function as a formula in the Data Validation.

Data Validation for Specified Text only

​Suppose that you want to check that if the values in column B contain the specified text string “”, IF True, then return TRUE, otherwise, it returns FALSE.

You can use the following formula:


Data Validation for Specified Text only1

In the above formula, the FIND function will locate the position of the searched text string “” in Cell B1. If the text string is searched, then return the starting position of the searched text string in cell B1. If not, it will return the Excel #VALUE! Error.

The returned results of the FIND function will be as the first argument of the ISNUMBER function. So if the FIND function returns the correct numeric position, then the ISNUMBER function returns TRUE. Otherwise, returns FALSE.

Last, you can add the above formula into Data Validation as rules to B1:B3.

Data Validation for Specified Text only1

Data Validation for Specified Text only1

When you adds or change the values in range B1:B3, the DATA validation will be triggered.

Data Validation for Specified Text only1

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