Change Uppercase and Lowercase Text

This post will guide you how to change the case of text to uppercase or lowercase in Excel. How do I change all uppercase text to lower case with an Excel formula.

For example, if you want to change all text string in uppercase into lowercase, you can create a formula based on the Lower function. And if you want to convert all letters in one cell into uppercase, you can use the Upper function as a formula in excel.

If you want to show in Cell C1 a lowercase version of the text in Cell B1, you can type the following formula into the formula box in Cell C1.


change uppercase to lower1

If you want to show in Cell C2 an uppercase version of the text in B2, you could type the below formula into the formula box in C2.


change uppercase to lower2

If you want to show in Cell C3 a proper version of the text in B3, you could type the below formula into the formula box in C3:


change uppercase to lower3

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    The Excel UPPER function converts all characters in text string to uppercase.The UPPER function is a build-in function in Microsoft Excel and it is categorized as a Text Function.The syntax of the UPPER function is as below:= UPPER (text)…
  • Excel LOWER function
    The Excel LOWER function converts all characters in a text string to lowercase.The syntax of the LOWER function is as below:= LOWER  (text)…
  • Excel Proper Function
    The Excel PROPER function capitalizes the first character in each word of a text string and set other characters to lowercase. The syntax of the PROPER function is as below:= PROPER  (text)…
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