How to Add a Picture to a Command Button

This post will guide you how to insert a picture to a command button in excel. How do I embed a picture in a command button in excel.

1. Add a Picture to a Command Button

Normally, after you add a command button in your current worksheet, you are used to set a text label for this command button. But if we can add a picture instead of text label in this command button. Of course, we can do it. Just do the follow steps:

#1 go to DEVELOPER tab, click Insert command under Controls group, and select button icon to insert one command button into the worksheet.

add picture to command button1

#2 right click on the command button, and click Properties menu from the popup menu list. The Properties dialog will appear.

add picture to command button2

#3 move to Picture field and click … button to open Load Picture dialog.

add picture to command button3

#4 select one picture that you want to insert and click Open button.

#5 click Close button to close the Properties pane.

#6 you will see a picture is inserted into the command button.

add picture to command button4

2. Video: Add a Picture to a Command Button

In this video tutorial, we’ll explore a delightful way to enhance the visual appeal of your Excel workbook by adding pictures to command buttons in Excel.

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