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Rank Based on Specific Value in google sheets

This article will guide you how to sort the values in a given column based on a specific value in another column in google sheets. How to sort a range of values in google sheets by using IF function and COUNTIFS function based on a specific value in another column. Rank Based on Specific Value… read more »

Average Of Numbers With Multiple Criteria in Google Sheets

Have you ever come across a task to calculate the average of the numbers with respect to multiple criteria in google sheets? Are you tired of doing this cumbersome task manually? Are you willing to do this task smartly in just a matter of seconds? Then congratulations because you have just landed on the right… read more »

Count Cells that are Case Sensitive in Google Sheets

If you are a frequent user of Google Spreadsheets, you may have come across situations where you needed to add or count the cells that were case-sensitive. If you have done this task manually, I would like to point out that it is the most inefficient way to do it, particularly when Google Spreadsheets has… read more »

Google Sheets COUNTIFS Function

This post will teach you how to use Google Sheets COUNTIFS function with syntax and examples in Google Spreadsheets. Description The Google Sheets COUNTIFS function returns the count of cells in a range that meet one or more criteria. It allows to use the criteria with the numeric value or text string, which may be… read more »

sort dates in chronological order in google sheets

Assume you have a date list that has different date formats, as seen in the accompanying picture. In this instance, google sheets’s Sort function will fail to sort them appropriately. However, you may convert all various date formats to a particular format, such as mm/dd/yyy, and then arrange them chronologically. This post will demonstrate how… read more »